The Human Centred Digital Workplace

Author: Elizabeth | Date posted: June 10, 2013

homepagebookIn two new reviews of Paul Miller’s book, the emphasis around the human aspects of the Digital Workplace come to the fore.

In Jacob Saaby Nielsen’s review of “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work” he points to not only the freshness of Miller’s perspective on the workplace – and that a different way of working is possible – he also highlights the human centred approach:

This book is not only great because it’s a good example that workplaces can function differently then your run off the mill company. To me, it’s great because it’s a step towards a more humanized workplace, where a lot of the stuff that doesn’t (or rather, shouldn’t) matter about work, is peeled off – and then the juicy, great tasting layers are exposed. It’s not a “guide to implementing this workmodel, right now in your own organization”. It’s a book which will make you reflect, reevaluate, rethink and should you be so lucky, change your view of what work is in 2013, to some degree.

It gave me a different perspective on “the workplace” as such, even with me having worked with the tools which enable the virtual organization, for a long time. I’ve long wanted to create my own business. And currently I’m in a situation where I have the luxury to seriously entertain that idea. The business I have in mind, should I choose to go that way, will be built on a lot of the principles of this book. At the very least, I will be try to implement these principles in my worklife in general, going forward.

In the end, is there any greater compliment to the validity of someones work, than that ?

In Bertrand Duperrin’s review, he also emphasizes the human angle found in Miller’s book: “une reconstruction des rapports humains avant touy”:

Vous l’aurez compris, Paul Miller aborde la digital workplace sous l’angle des questions que se posent RH et managers à l’heure d’embrasser cette évolution inéluctable des rapports sociaux au travail, du contenu du travail et des modes de leadership. A lire absolument pour prendre les bonnes décisions et comprendre où on va….avant que la technologie ne fasse faire des bêtises.

La Digital workplace est plus qu’un outil : c’est une culture et une manière de travailler.

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