The Book

Digital Workplace Book“The new geography of work will be transformational: the Digital Workplaces where we spend more and more time, working in entirely new ways with richer, more immersive tools. This new digital working world is always there, always on. Whether we are in our traditional or newly repurposed offices, or wherever else we happen to be working; at home, in the garden, in a co-working space, a café, on a train, in the park, in a car… My focus in this book is on the digital in the workplace as we start to navigate a new, as yet unexplored, world of work.”

“The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work” is Paul Miller’s highly personal investigation into the future of work.  Challenging our own perceptions of how and where work is carried out, Paul Miller draws on thirty years of experience to show how the technology we use every day is defining, shaping and transforming our working lives.

Paul Miler’s book is an essential exploration into how work is no longer shackled to one physical location and what this means for us all.  Including many examples and stories from major organizations, Miller’s thought-provoking and inspiring narrative is a story we can all identify with. His passionate manifesto on how the Digital Workplace can change individuals, organizations and society for the better will completely re-configure your view of work.

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