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“Paul Miller eloquently describes how the 21st century workplace is being transformed by the digitisation of our world. This is an insightful look at how the technological advances driving the digital age are already visibly changing the workplace and where those new capabilities might lead us.”

David Smith, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Fujitsu

“From what he calls the “terminal decline” of the physical workplace, to the heightened importance of trust and autonomy in work arrangements outside of that space, to dealing with the potential loneliness of virtual “offices,” Paul Miller combines his considerable writing skills and vast experience in technology and communications to shape and share a vision of the future in “The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work.”

Miller provides a mix of fine examples of digital working practices, including some from his own Intranet Benchmarking Forum — which is completely virtual in its organization — to help illustrate his many observations on how technology is reshaping not just the workplace but most every aspect of modern work and more.”

Bob Libbey, Senior Director-Global Colleague Communications, Pfizer

“Embedded in this book is a possible blueprint for a paradigm shift in the digital relationship between a company and its employees, where the focus is on individual output, based on trust and freedom in terms of encouraging virtual work locations and flexible working-hours.”

David Coates, Head of Knowledge Exchange, Technology Strategy Board Technology Officer, Fujitsu

“Paul Miller provides a glimpse of the changes ahead and signposts some of the key themes in this new ‘world of work’. The book is useful to anyone rethinking their approach to how to organise work and technology either at a personal or organisational levels.”

John Baptista, Associate Professor, Warwick Business School

“Paul Miller’s book `The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work’ is an absolute must read for anyone interested in finding out how technology is changing the way we work for everyone on the planet.

The way Paul Miller writes it from his own experiences and view of life – working and personal – makes it compelling to read. The examples Paul uses are ones we can all relate too and are real, not made up to fit a theoretical scenario.

I loved the format of the book. If like me you sometimes put a book down and pick it up a little later you won’t lose your thread and have to read back over the last few pages. In fact it is split into sections that are easy to use and refer back to again and again about the digital workplace. I found the `top 10 digital workplace benefits, challenges, etc.’ very good for focusing on the key points of each section.

It’s good to see Paul Miller share his expertise and enthusiasm with us in this book. I’m fortunate to know Paul so I realise every word is sincerely meant to help you, the reader.

It’s impossible to get serious about the digital workplace without reading and absorbing the ideas and examples in this book.”

Mark Morrell, CEO,

“I was surprised, at first, at the personal nature of Paul Miller’s book `The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work’. As I kept reading and realized that stories from the front lines of the digital workplace were being told by Paul and his team at the Digital Workplace Forum as well as from real experiences of their customers/members, I quickly began to resonate. The book became both an empathetic read as well as a teaser for what I can be looking for in my near future within my business.

This book is a practical guide to the digital workplace today. It has some great lists of what I think of as benchmarks ready for me to reference and re-reference as I need them. Great! Thank you!”

Mark Goebel, IT Strategy & Council Consulting Director, Girl Scouts of the USA

“I read your book with great interest, it’s a bold vision of the future.”

Emily Hull, Intranet Project Manager, Regus

“Buy the new book by Paul Miller ‘The Digital Workplace’. A real winner!”

Gary P. Hartmann, Corporate Digital Communications Manager, Heineken International

““The Digital Workplace: How technology is liberating work” is an easy, entertaining and stimulating read. Paul tells stories and he tells them well. He talks about his own dynamic 50-person company, his colleagues and how they have lived in the digital workplace over more than a decade. He describes many other examples from some of the world’s largest and well-known organizations. The impact of this book comes from the fact that Paul brings the digital workplace to life. Although the subject involves technology, this is not a technology book. For example, he talks about “work stretching” with people starting much younger and continuing to work much later thanks to digital tools and teleworking. Another example is his discussion about the impact of the digital workplace on real estate and how the physical workplace is evolving in parallel to the digital workplace.

This book will be an eye-opener for people who have not thought about this before, and I believe that was what Paul was trying to do. He makes the “why” case for the digital workplace and the “what”, explaining why we are moving in that direction and what the digital workplace lets us do. What’s missing is the “how” – how can organizations move in this direction – and I can’t fault him for that. We are all learning together, and as we say in French “on apprend à marcher en marchant” (we are learning to walk by walking).”

Jane McConnell, Digital Workplace Strategy & Governance Consultant at NetStrategy/JMC