1. The power to liberate work so it no longer location-dependent. The powerful and transformative benefits that flow from this can result in a win-win-win for individuals, organizations and society.
  2. The blurring of family and work life is dangerous. Working life and family have always been separate. The Digital Workplace should make it easier to keep it that way, not the other way round.
  3. The value of face to face interaction has been exaggerated for years. As we work more in the Digital Workplace, physical meetings have the potential to be transformed, taking on far greater significance, focus and social value.
  4. Organizations need invest in their Digital Workplace and they need to do it fast.  The changes are already happening – don’t be reactive – act now.
  5. Those organizations where the user experience of their workplace technology is as good as the consumer world are the ones what will innovate and survive.
  6. Working digitally is simply more productive than being in the office.
  7. The Digital Workplace helps to create a level playing field where all employees feel trusted, empowered and more equal.
  8. Old-fashioned ‘command and control” views that refuse to place trust in employees are still depressingly rife.   Management which believes “I need to physically see you to trust you” will not survive the changes stemming from the Digital Workplace.
  9. We are all on a journey and the momentum is unstoppable. Once you have had experienced working every day in the Digital Workplace it is very hard to return to older ways.
  10. On this journey nobody knows our destination. The best way to prepare ourselves is to share our experiences, and then keep on questioning our perceived wisdom.