17 Masterclass – Setting up a Digital Workplace Programme in your organisation, Congres Intranet, Utrecht, Netherlands
Digital workplace programmes are being used to fundamentally transform how organisations work. In this master-class Paul Miller and Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research, Digital Workplace Group (DWG) will guide the through a checklist for setting up a Digital Workplace programme in their organization – with examples and insights from DWG’s research and an opportunity to discuss challenges and approaches within the group. For further information visit Congres Intranet.
18 Keynote – The Human Centered Digital Workplace – Creating Digital Worlds Where We Want to Work, Congres Intranet, Utrecht, Netherlands
Do we dive into our digital worlds of work because we want to or because we have to? Why do we craft such beauty in our physical world but settle for such dismal experiences in the digital workplace? In this powerful, evocative talk Paul Miller, author of the field-defining book ‘The Digital Workplace – How Technology is Liberating Work’ and CEO and Founder of the pioneering consulting and membership business, Digital Workplace Group (DWG) that serves more than 150 of the world’s major organisations, takes us on a journey into the digital worlds where we spend most of our working time. For further information visit Congres Intranet.
4-5 Keynote Speaker – Creating Digital Worlds Where We Want to Work, Connected Business, London
Why do we craft such beauty in our physical world but settle for such dismal experiences in the digital workplace? In his keynote address Paul Miller challenges delegates to think about the digital worlds where we work – covering work addiction, isolation and the beauty and freedom that the digital workplace offers at its best. For further information visit Connected Business.


21 Keynote address Reed Breakfast, London
Work is fracturing. Physical workplaces are shrinking, flexible working is mainstream, the digital workplace is expanding – and going mobile. How can we embed culture, enhance engagement and lead people in this portable work world? In a keynote address Paul Miller will explore these profound shifts in how and where we work – and the role the digital workplace must play in providing the digital glue that can help knit people, teams and organisations together.




24 Keynote talk as part of the Workplace Academy Programme at Jones Lang LaSalle, Online
Work is shifting physically but how should we optimise the digital workplace in this world where the physical and digital are merging?
7 Keynote leadership talk to McKesson, San Francisco 
For a large enterprise the digital future of working is challenging and transformational. Major organisations need clear usability standards to create the experiences that can drive collaboration, engagement and productivity
3 Keynote talk to Accenture clients at dinner in London
Why are the digital experiences in our working lives so poor compared to the ever more productive physical workplaces we inhabit? What does optimum user-experience look like in advanced digital workplaces?
2 The Human Centred Digital Workplace, Google Campus London
Paul will talk about “The Human-Centered Digital Workplace – creating digital worlds worth working in. For further information visit Eventbrite.


16 Keynote talk to staff at Adobe in Silicon Valley, San Jose
Talking to the staff there about the “fabric and texture” of the digital worlds we work in – and what can be done to improve our experience of them.


4-5 Innovate to Transform, IBM Research-Zurich
The Center for CIO Leadership is hosting an in-person event called “Innovate to Transform” on the campus of IBM Research-Zurich, home of countless innovations. For further information visit the Center’s website.


2 Future of Work interview, International Association of Business Communicators
Bob Libbey, New York IABC Chapter President and Head of Digital and Social Communications at Pfizer Inc. will interview Miller on themes including the future of work; how organizations that invest in the digital workplace help create a level playing field where all employees feel trusted, empowered and more equal; and the implications for employee communications. For further information go to the New York/ IABC website.


The Social Workplace roundtable, INTRA.NET Reloaded
Bringing his unique style of interaction, Paul Miller will challenge executives from Lego, Philips, Audi, Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo, among others, to think outside the “digital” box in his role leading a roundtable on “The social workplace: rethinking communication and collaboration in the age of social networks”. For further information go to the INTRA.NET Reloaded website.


Interview at SharePoint Conference for Business Users
This key SharePoint 2013 event, supported by Microsoft, will close with an in-depth interview by Conference Chairman Jasper Oosterveld with Paul Miller on the past, present and future of the digital workplace, and the implications of SharePoint 2013 becoming the digital foundation for work. For further information go to the T.A.Cook website.




5 Embracing the Digital Workplace, Center for CIO Leadership
Paul Miller, CEO and founder of the Digital Workplace Group and author of “The Digital Workplace – How Technology is Liberating Work”, will be discussing key questions about the Digital Workplace on 5 December 2012 as part of a session run by the Center for CIO Leadership. Paul will join Eric Lesser, Research Director, IBM Institute for Business Value, and Jonathan See, the CIO of Pepperdine University, to discuss the adoption of social media in business, as well as how the digital workplace will begin to gain traction as a major business opportunity.


16 Cornerstone EMEA Convergence
Paul Miller will take part in an armchair interview discussing “The power of technology and the way it is changing & liberating the way we work” at the Cornerstone EMEA Convergence on 16 October in London. All delegates at the conference will receive a signed copy of Paul’s latest book “The Digital Workplace”. For more details on the conference go to:
3 Microsoft Envisioning Lab, Redmond
Paul Miller will be giving a talk to invited Microsoft staff at the HQ in Redmond, near Seattle on 3 October about the new digital landscape of work and why it is transforming how work happens. For further information:


13 British Council webinar
Paul Miller guides an audience of 50 British Council employees from around the world through the payoffs and pitfalls of ‘virtual working’ as practised by the Digital Workplace Group and outlined in his latest book.
12 Digital Futures Conference, St Catherine’s College, Oxford
Paul Miller joins the panel at the ‘Digital Research with Impact: Practitioner needs and knowledge gaps’ workshop.


19 Free webinar: What role does your intranet play in the technically advancing workplace?
Interview with Paul Miller at Interact Intranet webinar. Find out more and book your place
9 Panel Debate with Digital Peninsula Greenwich, London
Digital Peninsula Greenwich hosts a live idea challenge with Paul Miller on key topics from the book. If you are interested in attending the launch event please contact