Digital worlds worth working in – Oct 2nd talk at Google’s Campus London

Author: Paul | Date posted: September 20, 2013

If the digital world you work in were a building, would you ever want to step inside it? Imagine the chaos. Each door with a new identity code, rooms that have no access to other rooms, colleagues who seem lost in corridors you can’t find.

In an effort to address this global drag on workplace productivity and satisfaction I am kicking off a series of talks I am giving about the Human-Centred Digital Workplace – and what it would take to create digital services and spaces far superior to what we tolerate today.

My first talk is at Adobe‘s HQ in Silicon Valley next week, but I’ll be speaking again on the evening of Wednesday, October 2nd at Google’s Campus London – an event that is free to attend, thanks to Google (book a seat for the Oct 2nd event).

Physical buildings have design standards

Admire them or not but architects and designers have been building homes, offices, public spaces for hundreds of years – and we have standards and patterns that make many of these environments work for us. But in the digital world, it is like having 30 architects design one building without talking to each other.

Digital workplaces are incongruous jumbles

Outlook, Yammer, Skype, Intranet, SAP, Dropbox, Good, Google, HR online, mobile apps… each one may have its value but it is design chaos with no overall standards for usability, content, navigation, branding, integration etc.

Even the best-resourced companies can’t seem to deliver coherent digital workplaces, often providing employees with jarringly different digital interfaces, access methods and basic features.

My talk at Google’s Campus London on October 2nd

Campus London event location

At this public event I will call for a set of design standards for the digital workplace. Organizations should require  all digital services providers to meet these standards as part of their routine purchasing discussions.

That’s what the physical world has done (there are only three standard power sockets across Europe and North America as far as I know) and we need this urgently in the digital world.

Join me at the Google Campus London event and connect with me on Twitter (@paulmillersays) to hear about future speaking dates and to keep the conversation going.

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