How to lose your best new hires – fast!

Author: Paul | Date posted: November 8, 2010

Great firms are losing new hires because their digital workplace is so poor. All that money spent of presenting a great face to the new recruits counts for zero when the technical reality hits home. I spoke to HR folks at five major corporates in the last two months who said they knew anecdotally of […]


Digital Workplace Maturity Model

Author: Paul | Date posted:

IBF has just released its new superb Digital Workplace Maturity Model Report – free to download – where are you on the …    


Teams in the DW – I’m Here, Where Are You?

Author: Paul | Date posted: November 6, 2010

Just finished episode three of the book on Teams. I seem to writing most of the book in wifi enabled cafes……here is a little excerpt to give your a flavour: “In IBF 90% of the staff never come into the one physical office we have. They work from several continents, all from home. We meet […]


Locality in the Digital Workplace is tough to explain!

Author: Paul | Date posted: October 27, 2010

Steve and I hit a mini-wall when trying to write this week’s installment of the book on “locality”. It sounds like a spot on topic but our brains hurt a bit when trying to understand the significance of where you are in the DW. So we decided to “park” that issue for later weeks and […]


Does a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) get results?

Author: Paul | Date posted: October 25, 2010

Does your organisation support programmes which go beyond flexible working and really puts control in the hands of the employees? The creation of a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) can potentially lead to greater productivity, reduced costs and a happier and more engaged workforce.   Although there are some variants on results-based working practices, amongst the most […]


Cisco study says the office is dead – better not go into the office then!

Author: Paul | Date posted: October 21, 2010

Thanks to heads up from Scott Kaufman for directing me to a really interesting new study from Cisco that basically points to the death of the office or as we call it the Physical Workplace. Ok so Cisco own WEBEX so have a vested interested in the Digital Workplace but the research resonates with what […]


Openness is inevitable: Leadership and the Digital Workplace

Author: Paul | Date posted: October 15, 2010

How does your CEO use the Digital Workplace?  Does your leadership function use it as a channel for dialogue with their employees and clients?  Of if they don’t engage, do they encourage others to do so?  Social technologies thought leader Charlene Li ( states in the introduction of her book, “Open Leadership”, that “GREATER OPENNESS […]


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