The Digital Workplace “nomads” wandering round Belsize Park looking for a place to settle.

Author: Paul | Date posted: August 24, 2011

On any given day in London’s green and leafy BelsIze Park the streets are filled with sadness. Dejected souls clutching their iPhones and iPads wander the Victorian streets searching for a place to do a day’s work. Their offices are either horrid, too far away or have been down-sized and their homes just don’t work […]


Extraordinary video of Arthur C Clarke predicting the Digital Workplace in 1964

Author: Paul | Date posted: July 22, 2011

I can’t believe that we have written the entire Digital Workplace book without ever seeing this extraordinary video from science visionary Arthur C Clarke predicting the Digital Workplace in detail in 1964 We really are at the start of an amazing journey that will re-shape the nature of work as its becomes independent of […]


Top ten future impacts of the Digital Workplace

Author: Paul | Date posted: July 13, 2011

Another extract from my forthcoming book and the book itself does explain my rationale for the predictions – particularly the more extreme ones!  The top ten future impacts of the Digital Workplace…… 1.      Large office buildings will disappear and become relics of a bygone age. 2.      Big global organizations will have tiny but lavish headquarters […]


Google offices at Mountain View – What is the “Digital Equivalent”?

Author: Paul | Date posted: June 10, 2011

So let’s say that Google’s Mountain View HQ is the ultimate peak experience of that physical workplace. Funky everything from the moment you step foot, till you pass the numerous eateries, beside the huge aquarium with loungers till you eventually find your chosen place to work for the day. Am I at work or am […]


Are you ready to shift to the Digital Workplace?

Author: Paul | Date posted: June 2, 2011

While frantic editing happens in the background on the final version of the “long-awaited” (by me at least!) Digital Workplace book, here a few stories from my digital travels lately across the world of work, organisations and technology:  Storyville One  One major retailer told me that when they upgraded the tech devices and gear for […]


We’ve finished writing!

Author: Paul | Date posted: April 10, 2011

So we’re pretty much done. Paul and I vowed that we would try and finish what we’ve dubbed our “content creation” phase by the end of March, and we’re there.   Although there will be a few dribs and drabs to do here and there, we’re now predominantly in the editorial phase. Putting the book together […]


Is it easier to manage people virtually than in the office?

Author: Paul | Date posted: April 3, 2011

One of the issues around virtual working that seems to preoccupy people (and perhaps make some nervous) is management. How do you manage somebody who is not face to face?   Here is Paul’s take on the subject: “In my experience managing people virtually is far easier than managing people in person. That may be a […]


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