Upwardly mobile?

Author: Paul | Date posted: October 1, 2010

How mobile is your Digital Workplace?  Most organisations have thought about how they can utilise mobile technologies to improve processes, cut costs and engage employees. In practice the maturity of the mobile Digital Workplace varies considerably from organisation to organisation. For example Vodafone mobilised their intranet back in 2008 – http://bit.ly/9Zwf5j.  This summer Ebay released […]


Will SharePoint dominate the DW?

Author: Paul | Date posted: September 30, 2010

After a meeting of our advanced SharePoint group yesterday including Kellogg’s, Lloyd’s, Sara Lee and KPMG I worry that SharePoint’s power and presence may drive down the Digital Workplace through standardisation and control.


Getting the world involved in the DW

Author: Paul | Date posted: September 28, 2010

Told my various Yammer networks today that I am writing a new book called the “Digital Workplace” being published in 2011. Increasingly our working lives are spent in the “Digital Workplace” – intranets, virtual meetings, social media etc.  It’s not where you work, it’s how you work and the book describes how the world’s leading organizations […]


It’s not where you work, it’s how you work

Author: Paul | Date posted:

Most work in most organisations is dreadful. Tedious jobs in dull places. But there is light on the horizon. Technology and a shift in work patterns and experiences is starting to re-shape the work environment and experience. And for better or worse I am writing a new book called “Digital Workplace” being published in 2011. […]


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