Paul Miller comments on the future of Apple in the enterprise

Author: Elizabeth | Date posted: July 18, 2012

In an excellent article on the future of Apple in the enterprise, Forbes’ Mark Fidelman looks why Apple is missing the opportunity in this space and losing out to Microsoft. But he also examines 5 significant challenges for Microsoft and while they could still lose out:

  1. The need to give the Surface tablet the addictive quality in it’s user experience that the iPad has.
  2. The lack of social in Microsoft’s DNA.
  3. The need to address ‘smart data’ or data analytics in their offering.
  4. The need to bring the price down on Perceptive Pixel screens.
  5. And some intense competition from IBM, Salesforce and Google.

On the second point Fidelman quotes futurist and author Paul Miller: “Clearly Microsoft is making a big push to expand its current and near-term future enterprise technologies. The purchase last month of Yammer, the social networking tool for business, for $1.2 Billion is about upgrading its next version of SharePoint (its intranet plus digital workplace platform) which is great for the next few years – but then what?” The ‘now what’ for me is to place Yammer CEO David Sacks in charge of Office 365 and let the visionary control the social experience for Microsoft productivity tools. He’s the real deal.”

Read the full article ‘Microsoft to Apple: you will lose in the enterprise’ on Forbes.

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